Changing Lives

Find out how Right Brain Therapy can cut through the left brain clutter, get to the root causes of pain, and make a difference for you.

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A Paradigm Shift

Over a 20 year period, Dr. Jerry Mungadze has researched and developed a new approach to psychotherapy that allows an insight never before thought possible.

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Helping people

The greatest human purpose is providing each other a path to peace, love, and joy. That’s our mission and driving force behind our research, our practice, and our lives.

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Right Brain Therapy

In the context of RBT the “creative” side of the brain offers an opportunity to clearly see and hear a patient beyond the protective wall of the “logical” left side.
Jerry Mungadze, PhD

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Books & DVDs

Three exciting new offerings including the DVD version of Manage Your Brain, Manage Your Life.

Dr. Jerry

Hear from the source how Right Brain Therapy is revolutionizing the way we heal, learn, and grow.

Our Staff

Professional, caring, sensitive, and cutting edge all in one compassionate package.


Herschel Walker was profiled by ESPN-U in a documentary that featured Dr. Jerry Mungadze.

The Right Brain Therapy Difference

It's stunning how much has happened in the field of psychology in the last 20 years. Advancements in research, diagnosis, drugs, and treatment techniques, especially in the field of trauma related disorders, are revolutionizing the path to mental and emotional health. Patients who, in the past, would have been resigned to a life in and out of institutions are now living productive lives. See our Right Brain Therapy page to learn more.

News and Blogs

  • The RBT Approach

    The Right Brain Therapy Approach Do you have problems with anxiety, sleep disturbances, addictions, depression, physical pain, and/or cognition?  Have you experienced major stress or...

    A Note From Dr. Mungadze

    In 1989, I observed that a large percentage of my trauma patients were using colors to express things for which words were insufficient.  Some drew...