“Since emotional and psychological issues are more freely expressed by the right brain than the left brain, I have found Right Brain Therapy to be the key to effective trauma therapy.”

Dr. Jerry Mungadze

It’s stunning how much has happened in the field of psychology in the last 20 years. Advancements in research, diagnosis, drugs, and treatment techniques, especially in the field of trauma related disorders, are revolutionizing the path to mental and emotional health. Patients who, in the past, would have been resigned to a life in and out of institutions are now living productive lives.

Studies have clearly shown that brain function is altered by the effects of emotional wounds. Dr. Mungadze has devised a new way to see, hear, understand, and resolve these alterations and effects through a unique therapeutic process called Right Brain Therapy. Right Brain Therapy uses therapeutic approaches that bypass the left brain and open the door to the real person inside – the person most freely expressed by the right brain.

Through his research over the last 20 plus years, Dr. Mungadze has made some remarkable discoveries concerning the workings of the brain.

If you’re familiar with the treatment approach of traditional psychotherapy, you know that it focuses on verbal communication – a left brain activity – and, largely, excludes input from the right brain in the therapeutic process. Yet it is now known that psychological and emotional issues are best expressed by the right brain.

Therefore, Right Brain Therapy relies on the nonverbal and symbolic language of the right brain for the expression of psychological issues. But Right Brain Therapy also uses the right brain to engage the left brain there by integrating both hemispheres in the therapeutic process.

The result is lasting life change by the healing of your brain.

If you have struggled through years of psychotherapy with little permanent results, or if you are completely new to psychotherapy and looking to find the most effective path to your mental and emotional healing, you’ve come to the right place.

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